Skate Contour / Profiling

Our Prosharp templates shape your blades to get the most from your stride. This process, called profiling or contouring, shapes the blade to change the glide point of your skates. There are many benefits to each contour. Stop in and our expert Josh will help you find the right fit! Typically a contour will take up to a day so dropping off skates and picking up next day is a good estimate.

  • Quad I (6'/9'/12'/15')

    4 radius design to optimize acceleration, maneuverability, speed and balance are optimized. The best total solution.

  • Quad II (7'/10'/13'/16')

    Flatter and more stable than a Quad I. Easier to adapt to for novice players. Still has benefit of 4 radius design.

  • Quad XS (6'/8'/11'/13')

    Better for little guys. It does everything that a Quad I does but for smaller skaters. Recommended under size 5.

  • 9'

    Lots of rocker, not very stable. Best for light on your skates and very agile skaters that like to bounce on the ice. Not for novice skaters.

  • 12'

    More stability and power than 9'. A good option for lighter skilled players that only want a single radius profile.

  • 13'

    Really flat, really stable. A good option for bigger guys and players looking for more stability when skating.

  • 9' / 10'

    Rocker in the front and stability in the back. Keeps you on your toes. Allows for great acceleration and tighter turns. A good option for a light, agile skater.

  • Zuperior (6'/13'/10')

    3 radius design to optimize ice contact for great edge control. A great option for the power forward that needs stability to battle along the boards and the acceleration to escape.

  • Goalie Sam (10'/50'/27')

    Rounds off a little on the front to help with pushes while keeping absolutely flat in the back for stability. This is a goalie profile, players that skate out beware.