We are Off The Bench locally owned and operated in Omaha Nebraska. We started as a small hockey and baseball store in 2012 and over time have grown to be the go to shop for all your hockey and lacrosse needs. We are committed to our midwest hospitality and strive for a friendly and no pressure shopping experience. We know that starting out in hockey and lacrosse can be very confusing at first so we are happy to help out new parents and players get properly fitted gear to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable while playing our favorite sports. Stop on by and we'll be sure to get you what you need!

- Chad, Josh and Ben

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy here vs. online?

Along with supporting local business, actually trying on gear in person is the best way to ensure you like the fit and feel. We also offer our fitting expertise to make recommendations and ensure the best fit. When buying skates the bake and sharpen are included which is a $35 value.

Can I trade in my old gear?

No, we used to sell new and used gear but we have switched to all new. If you have old gear consider selling it to Play It Again or using a site like Sideline Swap.

Do you sharpen skates?

Yes we do! Skate sharpens are on a first come first serve basis, there is no appointment necessary. We can sharpen all types of skates including player, goalie and figure skates. For more info click here.

How often should I get my skates sharpened?

If you start to feel like your edges are not cutting enough it's probably time to get a sharpen. Usually about 6-10 skates is when the edges wear down but every skater is different.

What skate sharp would you recommend?

Our standard sharp is 1/2" radius. 1/2" is a good balance between bite and glide and is what we recommend to players when they don't know which to get. If you notice too much or not enough bite we can go deeper or more shallow depending. For more info click here.

Do you string lacrosse heads?

No, but we are actively looking for someone who can! In the meantime, someone on your team probably strings heads so ask your teammates or your coach and they will point you in the right direction. We sell mesh, heads and string kits in various colors and designs as well.

Do you price match?

We use minimum advertised pricing for all our products, if a reputable website is selling cheaper we can match the price. This is up to our discretion and may not apply to all items.

Do you sell lacrosse cleats?

We do not sell cleats. For lacrosse we recommend using football cleats but you should ask the coach for more specific information.

Do you sell figure skates?

We do not sell figure skates. We sell hockey player and goalie skates only. We recommend iSkate Omaha for your figure skating needs.

My kid is interested in hockey or lacrosse and I have no idea where to start. Can you help me?

We would be happy to, come on in! We help out parents new to the sport all the time and can give you a good starting point. We also can fit your kid head to toe in new gear to make sure they have a safe and comfortable experience.